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by Yuko Ohigashi
With Music Box And Echo"
Used with permission and is Copyright 2000

This song was composed by Yuko at age 13

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A Pets Song
I sit patiently beside you,
I listen to your views,
And never do I contradict,
Berate or ridicule.

I love you now and always,
In good times and in bad,
For days and years on end,
When you're happy, when you're sad.

Don't beat me or mistreat me,
Is all I ask of you,
And faithful I will remain,
Both loving and true blue.




























Quincy Missy Bandit
Keely Shaye Spannky Sashimi
Kodi Jewel
Poetsie Mickey
Daisy Blacky
Domino Sassy Bear
Butch Felix Pooky
Nala Chess Ricky
China Gus Sadie
Gizmo Cricket Boots
Myzack and Mowitz Mickey Tuffy
Mia Patches Tazz

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