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You may purchase any of the sets,
Once the set is purchased it will be taken down and will no longer be available.
It is then yours for your exclusive web use. If you wish to purchase a set Please notify
me before making a payment. This is to make sure that no error occur.


Link Ware sets

From Country Touch ---$ 12.00    

From Graphic Gifts ---$ 15.00    

Link ware sets are sold as it appears.  Once the
set is bought it will be taken down.
You will have exclusive web use of the set. It will not be
offered again as link ware.


Purchase Ware sets ----As priced on set    

Purchase ware sets are sold as it appears.
Once the set is bought it will be taken down. This set has
never been offered as link ware.
You will have exclusive web use of the set. It will not be
offered again.


-- I design always having your taste in mind -- I design to suit you taste --

Custom Design Set  ----- $61.00

      A set made especially for you and for your exclusive
web use.  This set has never been and never will be offered as link ware.
  This set comes with custom made buttons for you and custom header.


Small Web Design ---- Start's at $73.00

This include:
  • Custom Designed Set with Main Header
  • Set up (up to 6 pages)with your current content
  • Meta Tags
  • Zip file with codes and graphics

If you want me to do updates for you I can do that.
Update rate $25.00 per hour.


A Few set's I have Designed


If you can not for any reason maintain your site
and want me to do that the fees are higher.

Design and Web Master your site -- Fee starts at $110.00.

Updates at $15.00 an hour.

This includes


E-MAIL ME with the details and we can discuss terms and fees.

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All background tiles and graphic are mouse drawn and/or made by me unless otherwise stated. I have used some graphic
from a few country graphic artist with their permission. The graphics I have drawn are from my own imagination
or based on tutorials from pay tutorial sites of which I am a member. So some may look similar to others on the web.

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