Florida Past

Left-a woman on a Tampa Police Department motorcycle with children
standing around it in the early 1900s
Right-Pilots and mechanics with the "first aero plane to fly to Tampa.

Rose Esperante's complimentary ticket for an "air-sightseeing cruise
in world's largest commercial sea plane" with the Pan American Airways System
at the Tampa International Airport for December 3, 1933

Left-two Seminole women cooking cane syrup in Florida
Right-The Ballast Point Street Car is one of the later models.
It has one entrance to get on the trolley. It had stops at Ballast
Point Park and the Pier Station. It ran down the medium of Bay shore Boulevard,
from downtown Tampa to the Park.

An advertisement for C.W. Patterson's undertaking business
in the Tampa Daily Times on January 28, 1915

Left-around 1905 looking north on Franklin Street in Tampa
and showing Hillsborough County Courthouse and other buildings,
people, a buggy, and a trolley
Right-Two people in the "first car to roll into Tampa

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Photos and information courtesy of: Exploring Florida
Photo credit:
Courtesy of the Special Collections Department, University of South Florida.
Digitization provided by the USF Libraries Digitization Center
unless otherwise stated at photo.


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