Friendship Poem

I've nothing else to offer,
So,to you, it's love I'll send,
It's nothing that I borrowed,
And it's nothing that I'd lend.

It has no dollar value,
And it can't be overused;
It isn't fragile, so it can't break,
Though, often it's abused.

I've given it to others,
But each time it's unique,
I'ts meaning's always different;
It depends on what you seek.

It's something you can store away
To feel when you're in need,
But never is it on display;
It's beauty can't be seen.

I'm giving it "no strings attached,"
No costly warranty;
This love that I am sending
Has a lifetime guarantee.

This poem was written by Linda to a friend

You can get a copy of this poem to use also.Click this link.

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