Who Will Take Grandma

an original poem by Clara Clark-Grantz.


Who Will Take Grandma

Who will take Grandma? Who will it be?
All of us wants her, I am sure you will agree!
Let's call meeting, let's gather the clan.
Let's get it settled as soon as we can.
In such a big family there's certainly one.
Willing to give her a place in the Sun.

Strange how we thought that she'd never wear out.
But see how she walks, it is arthritis no doubt.
Her eyesight is faded her memory dim.
She is apt to insist on the slightest whim.
When people get older, they become such a scare!
She must have a home, but the question is where?

Remember the day when she used to be spry?
Bake her own Cookies, and make her own pies?
Help us with our lessons, and tended our seams.
Kissed away our troubles and mended our Dreams.

Wonderful Grandma! We all love her so!
Isn't it dreadful she has no place to go?
One little corner is all she would need.
A shoulder to cry on, her bible to read.
A chair by the window with sun coming through.
Some pretty spring flowers still covered with dew.

Oh, who will take grandma now that she is old?
What? Nobody wants her? Oh, yes, there is one.
Willing to give her a place in the sun.
Where she wont have to worry or wonder or doubt.
And won't be a problem to bother about.

Pretty soon now, God will give her a bed.
But who'll dry our tears when dear Grandma is dead?


"an original poem by Clara Clark-Grantz. [1910-1989]
Orignialy published on the web Dec. 16, 1998. at:www.members.aol.com/mhet703234/grandma.htm
This poem my not be copied with out the written permission of
Mary Ann Hetrick EMAIL: MHet703234@aol.com ,and must include this notice."

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Photograph by Annie Reb

Midi:"The First Garden"
Used with permission and is Copyright 2000 Geoff Anderson