Maggie Pogue Johnson

Poet Maggie Pogue Johnson

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Digital Schomburg Center for African American Women's Writing

But now our eyes are dim with age,
We near the last line of life's page,
We'll seal it's contents with a groan,--
Reaping-- reaping what we have sown.

by Maggie Pogue Johnson ---"As We Sew, We Shall Reap"


I could not find much on Maggie Pogue Johnson
Whats written below is the full extent of my research.
Maybe more infor may be forth coming.

¹ "Maggie Pogue Johnson (?-?), a native of Virginia, produced one volume of poetry that we know of: Virginia Dreams: Lyrics for the Idle Hour (1910). This collection features dialect poems that remember the everyday life of the folk of Virginia, as well as verse in standard American English, many of which rally folks ever onward in doing good works and having high hopes. "


At the solicitation of a few friends, I have selected several of my poems, and if the perusal of them brings pleasure to you, dear reader, the object of this volume will have been accomplished.


When Daddy Cums from Wuk
A Dream
The Negro Has a Chance
The Lost Teddy Bear
As We Sew, We Shall Reap


To view all the poems in Maggie Pogue Johnson book
"Virginia Dreams"
Digital Schomburg Center for African American Women's Writing


American Verse Project


Some more of her work includes:

I Wish I Was a Grown Up Man
The V. N. and C. I.
Old Maid's Soliloquy
Krismas Dinnah
De Day Befo' Thanksgibin'
The Story of Lovers Leap
Why Should the American Negro Be Proud?
De Leap Yeah Party
What's Mo' Temptin' to de Palate?
Dat Mule ob Brudder Wright's
To See Ol' Booker T.
Dedicated to Dr. W. H. Sheppard
De Wintah Styles
Christmas Times
De Men Folks ob Today
De People's Literary
Poet of Our Race
To Professor Byrd Prillerman
Sister Johnson's Speech
James Hugo Johnston
The Strawberry
What's de Use ob Wukin in de Summer Time at All
Meal Time
Dedication Day


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¹ Digital Schomburg Center for African American Women's Writing --Biographies

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