Alfred Joyce Kilmer

I think that I shall never see
a poem lovely as a tree
by Joyce Kilmer -- "Trees"


Alfred Joyce Kilmer born December 6, 1886, in New Brunswick, New Jersey, was an American journalist and poet, ¹ born to Frederick Barnett Kilmer and Annie Ellen Kilburn.
His best known work is "Trees".

Educated at Rutgers College and Columbia University. He had worked briefly as a teacher before he chose journalism as his vocation. He was on the staff of the New Standard Dictionary, as well as various periodicals. ¹ Kilmer was married to Aline Murray, who gave birth to five children.

His lyric poem "Trees," in the collection Trees and Other Poems (1914), won him popular recognition. His other works are Summer and Love (1911) and Main Street and Other Poems (1915).

He was a soldier in the United States Army 165th Infantry, Rainbow Division and was killed in action by a sniper during World War I, on a French battlefield on July 30, 1918 at the age of 31. His body was buried in the Oise-Aisne Cemetery, Fere-en-Tardenois, France.

His poetry has and underlying religous tone.

The Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, dedicated July 30, 1936 is now one of the largest stand of old growth trees in the eastern United States, has some of the largest trees in the United States east of the Mississippi with numerous trails, is located about 15 miles from Robbinsville in the western part of Graham County. A 2 mile national recreation trail of primeval forest.
Huge poplars, some 20 feet in circumference, tower 125 feet or more toward the sky. Giant red oaks, magnificent hemlocks, and many other varieties of trees stand as proud neighbors to the mammoth poplars.

Old Poets
Snowman in the Yard
Love's Latern


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Rising Dove Fine Arts and Services

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Main Street and Other Poems

Main Street, Roofs, The Snowman in the Yard, A Blue Valentine, Houses, In Memory, Apology, The Proud Poet, Lionel Johnson, Father Gerard Hopkins, S. J., Gates and Doors, The Robe of Christ, The Singing Girl, The Annunciation, Roses, The Visitation, Multiplication, Thanksgiving, The Thorn, The Big Top, Queen Elizabeth Speaks, Mid-ocean in War-time, In Memory of Rupert Brooke, The New School, Easter Week, The Cathedral of Rheims, Kings, The White Ships and the Red,

Trees and Other Poems

The Twelve-Forty-Five Pennies, Trees, Stars, Old Poets, Delicatessen, Servant Girl and Grocer's Boy, Wealth, Martin, The Apartment House, As Winds That Blow Against A Star, St. Laurence, To A Young Poet Who Killed Himself, Memorial Day, The Rosary, Vision, To Certain Poets, Love's Lantern, St. Alexis, Folly, Madness, Poets, Citizen of the World, To a Blackbird and His Mate Who Died in the Spring, The Fourth Shepherd, Easter, Mount Houvenkopf, The House with Nobody in It, Dave Lilly, Alarm Clocks, Waverley


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¹ This information is from:
Miriam A. Kilmer
Joyce Kilmer: FAQs and Fancies
Retrieved June 17, 2006, from © 1993-2004.

The History Channel
Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest
Tapoco Lodge - Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

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