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Preservation and Informational Lighthouse Sites

Florida Lighthouses. org
Florida Lighthouse Association

World Lighthouse Society

The American Lighthouse Coordinating Committee (ALCC)
The American Lighthouse
Coordinating Committee (ALCC)

American Lighthouse Fondation

Maritime Heritage -- Program National Park Service
Lighthouse Heritage

The Association of Lighthouse Keepers

U. S. Coast Guard -- LIGHTHOUSES,

World Lighthouse Society

--- Other Lighthouse Sites of Interest (Informational with Photos)
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Lighthouse Friends

The Online List of Lighthouses

Lighthouse Getaway
Roger Bansemer's - Lighthouses of the South
The Lighthouse Directory
The Lighthouse People
U S Lighthouses
Lighthouses -Everything related to Lighthouses

Great lighthouse photo from the U.S.lighthouse state
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Bob Graf's Photo Gallery -- Lighthouse Photos
cwbash -- Great Lake Lighthouses
cwbash -- Lighthouses
cwbash -- Lighthouses of Canada
Larry Myhre

For many great photos of Lighthouses around the world
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Neal's Lighthouse Blog


Many great photos of Lighthouses in other Countries
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egidio ferrighi


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-- Published Resources --
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American's Lighthouses An Illustrated History
by Francis Ross Holland, Jr.

Bansemer's Book of Florida Lighthouses
by Roger Bansemer

Dames Point Lighthouse
by Neil Hurley

Florida Lighthouses
text by Kevin M. McCarthy,
paintings by William L. Trotter

Florida Lighthouse Trail
Thomas w. Taylor, Editor
Illustrated by Paul Bradley

Florida Territorial Lighthouses 1821 - 1845
By Thomas .W. Taylor

Great American Lighthouses
(From the foreword by Sen. George J. Mitchell)
by F. Ross Holland, Jr.

Great American Lighthouses
by F. Ross Holland, Jr.

Guide to Florida Lighthouses
by Elinor De Wire

Jacksonville Architectural Heritage
by Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission
Written and designed by Wayne W. Wood
with Stephen Joseph Tool, Jr. and Joel Wright McEachin -Research Associates
Photography by Judy Davis and David Vedas
University Press of Florida

Keepers Of Florida Lighthouses 1820-1939
By Neil E Hurley

Lighthouse of the Florida Keys
by Love Dean

Lighthouses of the South
text by Elinor De Wire,
photographs by Daniel E. Dempster

Women Who Kept the Lights
By Mary Louise Clifford and J. Candace Clifford

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[History of the Lighthouse] [The Lightkeeper -- Life and Duties]

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