Stationery Basics

This email stationery is designed to work in Outlook 6.
It should work in Outlook 5.
Below are basic instruction on installing and using the stationery. This should be enough info to get you going.
If this is not. You can find more extensive info by going to the search engines.

To DOWNLOAD the email stationery Zip file, right click on download link and save on your hard drive to the folder of your choice (EXP: "MY BRIEFCASE").

To INSTALL the email stationery extract the files to:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery
( you need a Zip/Unzip program like WinZip -- You can get a free trial version at

-- I am using windows XP--if you are using another version of window your screens may appear just a little different --

To USE stationery in Outlook:
You may need to set your security settings to "Internet Zone"
(see further down on this page on how to get to your security settings)

  • Click on "Message" at the top of the outlook window bar (see screenshot below).

  • Select "New Message Using" then, move the cursor down and click on, "Select Stationery".


  • Find and click on the name of the new stationery that you wish to use (the name will then be highlighted).

  • A preview of the stationery will appear in the preview box to the left. CLICK ok.

The selected stationery will be brought up in a New Message box ready for you to compose a message. (see Notes below)


PLEASE NOTE: This stationery is designed to be used in outlook. If the stationery you have selected is a scrolling background stationery, you will not be able to see the background scroll while you are composing the message.
In order to see the background scroll, you can either click the "Preview" tab at the bottom of the New message window (the stationery will scroll but the image may not show) or open the composed message after it has been sent(by clicking your "sent items" folder - if you have your options selected to save a copy of sent messages to your sent items folder, in "options" "send"), or send a test message to yourself.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Not all will be able to see (they will get your email) your pretty stationery because of different reasons, some include those who check their mail using the Netscape browser, some Spam/virus protection programs, those who use outlook and have their security settings NOT set to "Internet Zone" or other settings they may have for receiving mail, and some web based email providers.
If you did not send it in the right format for the graphic to show. I have found this setting works for me. Click here to view.

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