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I am not a tech person but before I changed these setting only I could see the stationery.
After I changed the setting to the one below, my friends that could not see the stationery before, COULD.
If no one can see your stationery but you give it a try.

-- I am using windows XP--if you are using another version of window your screens may appear just a little different --

How to get to your "Send Options Settings":

  • Click on "Tools" at the top of the outlook window bar . -- then Click "Options" at the bottom of the list.


  • Click "Send" Tab. Go to the 2nd section named "Mail sending Format" and check (by clicking in the circle) "HTML", if it is not already

  • Click "HTML Settings" and a small window will pop up

    Check box for "Send pictures with messages"
  • Click "OK" at the top right. (That window will close)
  • Click "APPLY" at the bottom right of the window thats left.
  • Close that window.
Now send some emails. (I hope this works for you. Make sure you have followed all the set up info.)

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