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The Secret Rendezvous

A tattered structure stands aloft
Against a wintry sky
Secluded in a barren woods
With weeds grown up so high.

Neglected by the passing time
And years of snow and rain
The wind howls through the broken doors
And shattered windowpane.


A ray of light bursts through the cracks
No longer cold and gray
The warmth of laughter fills the house
And rooms turn bright and gay.

Back so many years ago
To a house so young and new
A little girl with teddy bear
Holds secret rendezvous.


They stayed so close together
As close as two could be
And in a secret room they'd meet
To sip on make-believe tea.

For just a moment, time stands still
As memories fill the air
And a frail old lady fades away
In a battered rocking chair.


As she dreams, the angels come
To lift her from her chair
And cradled in her arms they find
An old stuffed teddy bear.

(c)2000 Marilyn Ferguson

Poem used with permission.
Visit Marilyn Ferguson site: Echoes of the Heart
And read more beautiful poetry.

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