Artist: Dan Gerhartz
Title: Faithfulness
Provided courtesy of Christ-Centered Art

~Prince Charming...The Abuser~

I look around and wonder why,
They say they love but then they try
To hurt you as they've done so long
In your hearts you know it's wrong.
To see it happening is sad,
It's everywhere, have we gone mad?
If we accept what is today,
Not standing up to ever say;
"We've see women and children with enough pain
This version of love is really insane!"
There's nowhere left for them to hide
Except for pain, empty inside.
Don't let the abuser change your mind,
It won't be happiness you find.
This demon is way deep inside your heart
Maybe he was good, at the start.
If you let him stay, he will
I pray not long enough to kill
Any part, or all of you
You don't deserve what you've been through.
It's time to stop the wondering how,
I give you my strength, so use it now.

This poem is from Betty Fulmers site.Thanks for letting me display it.
Please visit her inspiring site.Black and Blue Tears
site no longer up

Rachel Miller Story

Domestic Violence. Org

U.S. Depaetment of Justice--Domestic Violence

**Domestic Violence Hotline Resources

National Child Abuse Hotline
Report Child Abuse


To find a hotline no. for your state:Child Help

How 'domestic violence' is defined

Disagreements develop from time to time in relationships.
Domestic violence is not a disagreement. Domestic violence encompasses a wide
range of acts committed by one partner against another in an intimate
relationship. This may occur in a variety of relationships: married, separated, divorced,
dating, heterosexual, gay or lesbian. Violence of a particularly injurious nature is
primarily perpetrated by men against women.

Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviors, some causing physical injury, others
not, some criminal, others not, but all psychologically damaging. Frequently, domestic violence
includes threats of violence, threats of suicide, or threats to take children
from the abused person. It may also include breaking objects, hurting pets,
yelling, driving recklessly to endanger or scare the abused person, isolating family
members from others, and controlling resources like money, vehicles, credit, and time.

The goal of an abusive person is to establish and maintain control over his or her partner
Domestic violence is a learned pattern of behavior whose effects, without intervention,
become more destructive and sometimes lethal over time.

There's no excuse for domestic violence.

This is a definition of domestic violence from
Kings County,Washington Love Shouldn't Hurt General Information about Domestic violence.

National Hotline--Domestic Violence

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